George Tohme, pharmacist, graduate of the Univ. Of Pittsburgh, Pa. in 1987 and is currently practicing in Texas. Tohme is certified in Diabetes Management (Univ. of Texas at Austin), Cholesterol Management (American Pharmacists Association), Smoking Cessation (Univ. Of Pittsburgh, Pa), Nutrition Guidance (Cooper Institute) and is a Certified Personal Trainer (ACE).

After a pharmacy career that spanned for over 2 decades and after dispensing, caring, counseling and watching the lifestyle patterns of tens of thousands of my customers, It became clear that the vast majority of their ailments such as diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol and blood pressure are preventable conditions.

As a pharmacist behind the pharmacy-counseling window, I could only reach few people at a time every week. I needed and wanted to be able to make a difference in the lives of all of the rest of the people with chronic preventable diseases and help them regain control of their health by making lifestyle changes to the better.

Hence, the creation of the evidence based " Lifestyle Makeover for.." book series, starting with diabetes, that provide you the reader with practical, simple and comprehensive tools that help you bring under control those deadly diseases. By making favorable lifestyle choices as provided in my books you can even prevent diseases from happening to you.

As a consequence, you the reader, if you act persistently on the simple information provided to you and make favorable lifestyle choices, will be the ultimate beneficiary and can expect to cull priceless rewards such as warding off deadly diseases, enjoying a natural lifespan and a best quality of life.

Mission Statement

My mission is to help people defeat chronic diseases and obesity permanently. A lifestyle makeover process will help you make small simultaneous steps and bring under control all aspects of chronic deadly conditions such as diabetes, pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease caused mostly by obesity, physical inactivity and smoking.

Within only six weeks people will be able to gradually shift from a deadly collision course with premature death caused by these chronic diseases to the safe haven of a natural lifespan and best quality of life as a result of either preventing, bringing under control or reversing those deadly conditions.

You will learn how to start new good habits, how to make balanced food and activity choices, stop smoking, lose weight without ever dieting again, manage stress and maintain those favorable balanced actions for a lifetime.

Your health is the sum of choices you make every day

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