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The time has come for you to defeat deadly diseases and obesity forever

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Welcome note and blog mission

Welcome to all the participants this is pharmacist George and I tell you that this going to be an exciting and informative blog launch that will improve,  enrich and have a permanent impact on your lives. I am the only blogger who is an experienced pharmacist with multiple fields of expertise in chronic diseases and fitness whose mission is to help you defeat chronic silent and awesome killers such as diabetes, pre-diabetes, High cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease,  excess weight, a couch potato lifestyle and tobacco addiction.

The big problem

Either one or more or all these factors are affecting just about every family in our great country and worldwide including you. You maybe entangled with one or more of these deadly conditions and you are faced with loads of conflicting and sometimes misleading information and don’t know what to do. So you drop it all and think “since I am doomed and there is nothing I can do, I might as well enjoy it by eating, sitting all day and smoking like there is no tomorrow”.  This is not true there is a lot you can do and based on evidence you can stop all these deadly conditions dead in their track but let’s face reality. The lifestyle choices you have been making on a daily basis, the misconceptions and myths you piled up over decades are largely to blame for these multiple epidemics. The food industry and food advertising of unhealthy choices are no small culprit either and have played a major role and are major contributors to the current health crisis you and our healthcare system are facing.

The very effective solution

I promise that I will you help change this mindset because I will show how you can regain total control one small step at a time and you will be able to prevent, bring under total control or even reverse each of those conditions. I also promise that you will not be deprived of any food, never ever be on a diet again and you would not have to go to the Gym either.  Believe me I know what you are going through because I’ve been there myself and defeated obesity after a 17-year battle (see my shocking photos at my website www.LifestyleMakeoverEbook.com) and I also helped tens of thousands during my 22-year pharmacy career cross to the greener side of health and defeat those chronic conditions and their lives were altered to the better forever.

We can put a stop to all these conditions. Notice that I said “We” because I will give you reliable, evidence based and very simplified tips and information but unless you act on it, for your own sake, you will not be able to rescue yourself and I can’t rescue you. You are the main participant and ultimate beneficiary here.

Future blogs

Future blogs will help you with a Lifestyle Makeover addressing all the important elements you need to bring each of those deadly conditions under control and defeat them by taking simple daily actions. Namely, particular information that will address the disease aspects, important and vital medication issues, valuable disease monitoring factors, disease complications and how to avoid them, the importance of making balanced food and activity choices, stress management techniques, addressing factors to boost your sexual health,  balanced alcohol intake and an effective way to ending tobacco addiction and much more.

So hang on to your hats and let’s put our hands together and zoom towards better health, a natural lifespan and the best quality of life.

Feel free to contact me and send questions, comments, blog topic proposal and test your knowledge by taking various quizzes by logging on to: www.LifestyleMakeoverEbook.com


George F. Tohme, pharmacist, is a graduate of the Univ. of Pittsburgh, PA in 1987 and currently practicing in Texas. He is certified in diabetes and cholesterol management, smoking cessation, nutrition guidance, and a certified personal trainer. He is a lifestyle makeover expert and conquered his own 17-year battle with obesity. He is the author of Lifestyle Makeover for Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics, Lifestyle Makeover for All Couch Potatoes, Lifestyle Makeover for All Tobacco Users, Lifestyle Makeover: Sex, Stress, and Alcohol and Lifestyle Makeover: Defeat High Cholesterol and Blood Pressure. Visit www.LifestyleMakeoverEbook.com

PharmacistGeorge @ September 25, 2009

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