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Couch potato lifestyle, The saga continues!

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Couch potato lifestyle

To make things worse I lead a very lazy couch potato lifestyle and never participated in any “exercise or fitness” events for the first 17 years of my life. I would sit all the time. I would sit in school, while studying at home and then watch TV for the rest of the evening. If I were dying of thirst, I wouldn’t get up to get a glass of water but waited for a passing family member and asked them to bring me water. How lazy was that and could anyone on planet earth have been any lazier?

My fascination with food

It got to a point where I was mesmerized with food to the extent that while I was in class or taking the school bus back home I used to wonder what my mom made for dinner and all I would think about and consume my mind is how I was going to get home and sink my teeth into the delicious food my mom made.

I hit rock bottom. My parents locking the kitchen

That was the very lowest point of my life and a time of desperation where funny thoughts started coming to my mind. Towards the end of my obesity saga my parents were real troubled with my skyrocketing weight and attempted hiding cookies and candy and locking the kitchen door trying desperately to help me stop eating between meals but to no avail. Needless to say that all my friends went on dates except me because of the way I looked “what girl is going to go out with me and that fat, ugly and totally insecure?” I thought.

Something desperately needed to happen

Something needed to happen because I could not take it anymore; and it did. The moment of victory arrived and took action during the most unexpected time.That’s what I’ll reveal in the next blog post. I will also reveal what unconventional way I used to lose a lot of weight and what were the challenges I faced to keep my weight off for the next 20 years.

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PharmacistGeorge @ October 19, 2009

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