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"At Last! Here's How You Can Permanently Lose weight without EVER DIETING Again!"

Are you sick and tired of being deprived of foods you like, counting calories and
grams this or that and feeling GUILTY when you eat something you like?

BUT- Have you ever considered how learning to make balanced
choices can be your ONLY permanent solution?

A re you tired of dieting? Have you tried diet after diet only to feel more disappointed when you regain the weight back? And Have your emotions, body image and expectations been on a roller coaster ride following your fluctuating weight- way up and then way deep down- to the point that you have given up trying?

Here are the 3 biggest Myths of weight loss:
  1. You think you will no longer eat the food you love
  2. You must lose a lot of weight to get health benefits
  3. You must make drastic changes to your life to lose weight.
Are you tired of wasting a ton of money on what does not work:
  • Doctor visits and drug costs to get prescriptions for diet and water pills which make your appetite come back with a vengeance and rob you of precious water, then to find yourself regaining all the weight back,
  • Over The Counter "Diet" pills that promise you will lose "10 pounds a week." by "a proven way." and that is backed by "Doctor X, Y Or Z." only to find yourself back to square one where you started.
Worse yet - Many "Weight Loss" products or programs claim that "you don't even have to change your eating, drinking or couch potato habits but you will still lose weight with their products!" In other words they encourage you to keeping on stuffing your arteries and waist lines with over doses of pizzas, hot dogs and soft drinks and in some "miraculous" or "Breakthrough" way you will lose a ton of weight when you buy their products! (How do you buy into these claims?)

I would ask those promoters of -'quick fixes'- the following:
  • "Is losing weight the only health outcome you should focus on?" and
  • "How does actually the weight come off if I keep consuming all the sausage, hotdogs, pizzas, sugary drinks and remain a couch potato all day?" and
  • "How will that product benefit my heart, lungs and arteries from "junk foods" and couch potato patterns? And if the weight does come off ask
  • "Is that product safe for me?"
  • "Is it FDA approved?" And
  • If it is FDA approved "doesn't this product say that it can help you lose weight along with LIFESTYLE changes?"
Or perhaps the following describes what you experienced so far:
  • Skipping Meals (BIG MISTAKE- this will make you gain weight),
  • Gone on low calorie "Diets" (All diets and diet pills make you lose a chunk of precious muscle which in turn make you gain fat weight),
  • Joined other more favorable weight loss programs where you received expensive pre-cooked meals "Delivered to your doorstep" and have to go to their meetings, only to find yourself losing the joy of cooking and sharing your ethnic food with your family and friends. You also may not have time to make it to those meetings! All of which make you feel you're on a diet,
  • Regardless of what weight loss method you tried you were hungry frequently through out the day,
  • No matter what weight loss method you tried- you could not be "Normal"- and the feeling of "GUILT" maybe tracking you down,
  • So you 'give up' and you act like there is no problem and revert to eating like there is no tomorrow and becoming more of a couch potato. Only, these choices make you gain more and more dangerous weight and make you an AWSOME MAGNET TO ALL SORTS OF DEADLY DISEASES that threaten your existence prematurely,
  • You pretend or say "I don't care" but deep down "I know you do and I know that you are hurt and upset." You have a lot of potential and a lot of ambitions but you feel trapped in a body that you don't want to be part of any longer,
  • Finally, no matter what the weight loss plan ask yourself this "Can I follow this plan for the rest of my life?" Because you want to be able to maintain any favorable actions and results for a lifetime in order to get great health for a lifetime.

Have you found yourself after every failed attempt returning to the grip of your
old EXTREME artery clogging and waist enlarging food and couch potato
'habits' that are endangering EVERY DAY your life and those of
over 180 million Americans according the CDC?

How do I know all this?

My name is George Tohme and I'm a pharmacist certified in diabetes management, cholesterol management, smoking cessation, nutrition guidance and a personal trainer.

I was also obese the first 17 years of my life and against all odds I took charge, conquered and defeated obesity.

I have tried diet after diet and experienced all the emotional traumas and 'guilt' feelings that accompany obesity and the persona of being obese and the harsh scars from the experiences of food deprivation, school kids' and people's discriminating comments and cravings from "yoyo" dieting and not fitting right in my skin and clothes.

"Obesity affected every aspect of my life and I was miserable."

No professional or doctor was able to give me the answers.
They all said "You have to go on a diet in order to lose weight."
I adamantly refused to believe that there is no other way!

I said to my self:

"Suppose I could find the ideal weight loss method that requires no dieting, no deprivation or guilt and where no food is off limit and just regain the feeling of being "normal" again! and

Imagine if I could find one reliable resource that includes All the solutions to all these agonizing dilemmas, wouldn't it be a dream come true?"

So then I embarked on a quest to search for answers!

After two decades of long and arduous targeted searches and specializations in various pharmacy and lifestyle related fields I was able to find the real answer to the world's most puzzling and million-dollar question!

Here is the answer:

"We are, and our health is the sum of choices we make every day"

In other words I was obese because of the poor choices I made and the faulty habits that I personally, unintentionally, created for myself and got myself into. The burgers, fries and soft drinks did not jump from the counter into my mouth but I chose them and ate them. I chose to remain a total couch potato and not be involved in any physical activity whatsoever the first 19 years of my life.

Likewise, if I make small but favorable actions every day then I can achieve the results I always dreamt of.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it isn't if you make the right choices based on reliable sources.

Based on this simple approach and after 4 years of writing and sifting through professional information, articles and websites from leading US universities, health, medical and government organizations [like the American Heart, Diabetes, Dietetics Associations, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO)] and after collecting mounds of professional articles from professional medical, pharmacy, nutrition and fitness journals, and after endless hours of work on simplifying all the complex medical terminologies and principles and making sense out of conflicting and mind boggling information and after a 21-year pharmacy career of directly interacting, counseling, caring, observing, and witnessing people's behaviors and ailments

I was able to extract the truth, simplify it, polish it, bundle it up in one resource and deliver it to you on a silver plate.

At last! This one of a kind reliable Resource that you CAN'T find anywhere else on the planet is here:

"Lifestyle Makeover For All Couch Potatoes"

Get rid of deadly obesity and all your excess weight by making ONLY FOUR FAVORABLE CHOICES A DAY. How much simpler can it get?

Master balancing these four choices and you will conquer the weight epidemic:
  1. Balanced meals and portion sizes
  2. Snacks
  3. Beverages
  4. Physical Activity

All the answers to What, how and how often to these 4 choices and how to build the foundation of building new habits are revealed in this lifesaving e-book.

Don't look elsewhere and you don't have to re-invent the wheel. If you're an engineer and I want to build a house I come to you instead of learning how to build a house myself because you already invested so much time and money to do just that. Worse yet- I would not want to start building that house by myself without any background on house building and without an engineer because it will collapse on my head.

Obesity is claiming prematurely way too many people due to way too many poor choices. NOW, you can find all your answers in:

"Lifestyle Makeover For All Couch Potatoes"

Think about it. You will not find a more powerful and effective resource that is written in such simple style anywhere else, especially since it is written by an expert who has experienced the obesity trauma first hand.

But don't take my word for it, here's what people from all over the country are saying about this unique e-book:

"I was terribly overweight, my blood pressure and diabetes were out of control even with all the medications I was taking. The amazing and simple information in this book helped me lose in one year over 75 pounds without dieting and my sugar and blood pressure dropped to below the normal levels. My doctor had to drop the dose on some medications and even discontinued others. This book has saved my life and saved me a lot of money because I am spending less on medications."

~ Sally, Durham
Atlanta, Georgia

"This is really a great book that is very easy to read and follow. It's helped me lower my blood sugar and blood pressure even my doctor was amazed with my results and cut out some of my medications. I have lost and maintained the loss of over 33 pounds over 10 months without dieting but by doing what is recommended in the book. My life is normal, I am enjoying my food and favorite dessert but in balance, I am leading a much more active lifestyle and I feel great."

~ Cathy Barton
Pharmacy Technician and Diabetic

I know you're probably still skeptical and a bit on the conservative side, but think about this - if you keep doing the same things over and over again - you'll only succeed in getting the same results.

Which Of These Powerful Secrets Could You Use To
Benefit from the content of this powerful E-book ?

Discovering The 3 habits that will transform your life
Discovering how to unlock the secrets to developing new favorable habits?
What are the common actions of people who lost weight and kept it off permanently?
How to never feel guilty again?
How to break the hunger cycle code?
What are the proven benefits of selecting foods high in fiber?
How to get 35 grams of fiber a day and burn an additional bonus of 250 calories?
How to read and make sense out of 'Nutrition Facts' on food products?
What's inside that magical Meal Blueprint that's changing so many people's lives?
How to determine portion sizes without counting calories, Grams of this or that, or
using your fist or the palm of your hands to determine portion sizes and still lose weight?
What are delicious cooking methods besides frying?
What are List A and List B lists of food and how they simplify your food choices?
What are the miraculous benefits of an active lifestyle?
What common excuses (that no one buys) people have to remain couch potatoes?
How can a small device called pedometer change your life?
What are some tips you can start using today to increase your activity level anywhere
you are without having to go to the gym?
How can you use the "4 Foot Rule" in your desk job office (regardless of how small
your office or work area is) to increase your activity level by at least 50%?
What any 3 simple tips you can use today to start losing 2 to 3 pounds a week?
What are the weight loss plateau BUSTERS?
Plus, lots more (Too much to list in here)

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Purchase any of our products risk free with a 100% money back Guarantee. We know that if you follow the simple framework provided to you and take action you will regain control of your health and life and you will get the promised results


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