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"Couch Potato" Quiz
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Anyone can unlearn bad habits such as overeating, physical inactivity or smoking and learn new good ones such as making balanced food and activity choices at any stage of life.
You need a strong will power to break off bad eating and couch potato habits.
Obesity is mainly caused by genetics.
Obesity is not an urgent problem and you can address it at a later stage in life.
Diets and diet pills can never be solutions for the weight epidemic because after you stop the diet your appetite will return with a vengeance and you will regain all the weight back.
An effective weight loss method is to skip a meal or two a day for a short period of time to get a head start on weight loss.
We burn more calories while at rest and sleeping than while we’re active during the day.
Raising the amount of fiber you consume daily has enormous health benefits among which are curbing hunger, reducing blood sugar and cholesterol and weight loss.
Sugary soft drinks alone are responsible for over 33% of all obesity in USA.
In order to lose weight, you must cut out sweets and bread and not eat past 7 PM.
Physical activity has some health benefits and it’s impact on chronic diseases and weight loss is of little importance.

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