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Look and hear how this book impacted others

Kelly said: "I was able to reverse diabetes using this book."
Brian said: "I don't have diabetes or pre-diabetes and this book helped
me lose 15 pounds."

Meet Kelly who lost 60 points on her blood sugar, 50 points on blood pressure, 20 pounds and her husband Brian lost 15 pounds all by making small changes as recommended in the book. Never diet again

This is the short version (2:35 Minutes) of Kelly & Brian's stories.
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Discover Kelly and Brian's amazing additional results
in Kelly's interview 2 weeks after the first

Video Duration: 5:20 Minutes

Mandy and Miriam don't have diabetes...
but hear how this book changes their lives

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Meet Miriam who lost a whopping 60 points on her cholesterol and 20 pounds
all by making a couple simple lifestyle changes a day

Mandy said:
"I am not even diabetic and I was able to drop my blood pressure."

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Meet Mandy who lost an unbelievable 70 points on her blood pressure and 30 pounds by making small lifestyle daily changes which got her big results...

See and hear how Mandy and Miriam lost 70 points on blood pressure and 60 points on cholesterol and a combined weight loss of 50 pounds all by making simple daily lifestyle changes and the positive impact it had on their lives forever.

This is the short version (3:50 Minutes) of Miriam & Mandy's stories
Click here for the full version (16 Minutes)

The ebook's retail price is only $24.95 which is the price of big chunk of brisket
that will last for a couple meals and clog your arteries, only this book will last
a lifetime and will help you defeat diabetes, pre-diabetes and excess weight
forever and will save you lots of dough that you may spend on medications,
hospital and doctor bills caused by a heart attack or a stroke from that brisket.

Here are the biggest mistakes diabetics, pre-diabetics and overweight people make:
  • Most think that diabetes, pre-diabetes and excess weight will go away on it's own if they ignore it and look the other way.
  • Most think they have to do too much, so they decide to do nothing but don't realize they are still in danger's path.
  • Most diabetics have witnessed other diabetics, especially loved ones, go through the horrors of leg amputations, blindness and kidney failure and -mistakenly- think " I will end up suffering the same way regardless of what I do, so I might as well enjoy life while I can."
  • Other diabetics and pre-diabetics might think (or have been told) that they can't eat sweets or other preferred food any more and they react by overeating it.
  • "As long as I take my medications I can eat, sit and smoke all I want and be well." Many even make uninformed and deadly decisions about interrupting or making uninformed changes to how they take their medications without consulting with their doctor or pharmacist.
  • Many Pre-diabetics and diabetics don't even realize that they can REVERSE their condition even if their parents have it.
  • So many have tried, "diets", "diabetic diets", or "Natural herbal treatments" and have become inundated with information and conflicting advice from numerous scattered resources and websites which makes it real hard to make true sense out of anything. You don't know who or what to believe anymore!
For all these reasons diabetics and pre-diabetics feel hopeless, overwhelmed and just want their lives back to "Normal". That's mainly why millions go undiagnosed.

Worse yet - some react by pretending the problem is not there and others react by withdrawing from society and fall in a depression.

In other words most have given up before even really trying.

Unfortunately - Hiding your head in the sand, inaction or reacting in any of the ways mentioned above are not viable options, will not make your problems go away but will make the situation a whole lot worse.

These inappropriate reactions make your worst fears come true and
you become a magnet to all sorts of deadly complications that

See if this sounds familiar?

Cathy, a 35 year-old pharmacy technician and diabetic, was overweight, snacking on potato chips and drinking soft drinks when "thirsty" all day long. Her sugar was 135 to 155 mg/dl in the morning (On best days) and a consistent blood pressure of 145/95 even while on 6 or 7 drugs to treat her diabetes and blood pressure.

Then after reading "Lifestyle Makeover for Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics" this is what Cathy had to say:

"This is really a great book that is very easy to read and follow. It's helped me lower my blood sugar and blood pressure to below what is recommended in the first 4 weeks. Even my doctor was amazed with my results and had to cut out some of my medications. I have lost and maintained the loss of over 33 pounds over 10 months without dieting but by doing what is recommended in the book. My life is normal, I am enjoying my food and favorite desserts but in balance, I am leading a much more active lifestyle and I feel great."

~ Cathy Barton
Pharmacy Technician and Diabetic

Yes, that's all it took!
And it can work for you too...

I know so because it has worked for tens of thousands of people just like you. However, I don't expect you to believe me until you see even more proof.

Don't just take my word for it - check out what others are saying about it:

"This is a concise and powerful resource which provides essential tools for the management of diabetes. It is written in a simple and practical manner around a framework of up to date evidence based information - empowering the reader to prevent diabetes complications, extend life expectancy, and improve quality of life, in other words, 'an eye opener'."

~ Abilio Munoz, MD
Dr. Munoz practices clinical medicine and is board certified in Family
Medicine, is a Clinical Assistant Professor at University of Texas Health
Science Center in San Antonio, and President-Elect of The American
Diabetes Association
Leadership Council in Austin, Texas.

"Adequate nutrition and an active lifestyle are essential to managing diabetes and it's complications. Those and other essential diabetes related issues have been covered thoroughly in a great, simple and practical style. This guide is a must have tool for diabetics and complements the doctor and CDE's advice. I will recommend it to my patients."

~ Omeyra M. Quijano, MD
Board Certified in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism.

"The five action steps provide all the tools in a very simplified manner for any diabetic to bring diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure under control and permanently lose weight in the process. As a pharmacist and diabetic I highly recommend this life altering book."

~ Karen Coffman
Pharmacist and diabetic

"A complex disease made easy to understand and manage in a comprehensive and concise manner. What a great reference book that addresses every thought and question any diabetic may have. This book stands out in it's easy read, compelling stories and prolific topics it includes. A must read for all diabetics and pre-diabetics."

~ R.L. Halcomb
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

"This is an excellent book because it answered a lot of the questions I had that the doctor did not have the chance to answer. Before I put my hands on this wonderful resource I was lost in a sea of information. This book helped me put everything in perspective in a complete, simple and organized manner. I am not deprived of any food, my diabetes is under control and enjoying my life to the fullest. I recommend this book to all diabetics. Thanks."

~ Mike Johnson

"This is a great and enlightening book. It has been extremely helpful in helping bring my diabetes under control including my sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol. This book should have come out a whole lot sooner. Thank you."

~ Jerry Anderson

"I was terribly overweight, my blood pressure and diabetes were out of control even with all the medications I was taking. The amazing and simple information in this book helped me lose in a year over 75 pounds without dieting and my sugar and blood pressure dropped to below the normal levels. My doctor had to drop the dose on some medications and even discontinued others. This book has saved my life and saved me a lot of money because I am spending less on medications."

~ Rosa Maldonado

"This e-book that I bought to help my parents manage their diabetes is outstanding. As it is recommended in this book, me and my family are walking more and we made simple changes but still enjoying the same delicious Indian food my mom makes. My parents diabetes has become under control and I will be less likely to become diabetic if I continue in this path, the doctor told me."

~ Anil Patel
Son of Diabetic parents

I promise your situation is not unique. And more importantly - your situation is NOT hopeless.

Here's How "Lifestyle Makeover for Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics"
Can Help You Regain control of your diabetes or even prevent it;
Starting Today...

You see, "Lifestyle Makeover for Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics" gives you a Clear 5 Action Step plan that addresses ALL issues related to diabetes and pre-diabetes and permanent weight management in one volume and it will change your life.

No other single volume on the market addresses all the necessary vital issues in such an unprecedented simplicity and story telling style like this one.

It's different than anything else you've seen because during my 21 year pharmacy career I witnessed people suffer terrible complications from chronic diseases such as diabetes because they may be doing one thing right and neglecting other vital and very important issues. I gave people all the solutions in one volume.

** You can achieve diabetes, pre-diabetes and weight control only when ALL ISSUES ARE ADDRESSED AT THE SAME TIME ARE ADDRESSED AT THE SAME TIME ** which led to the creation of the 5 Action Steps. Half of the book addresses lifestyle choices and weight loss without ever dieting again.

Here Are The Breakthrough 5 Action Steps
  1. Understand Diabetes and Pre-diabetes (how to get identified)
  2. Know your diabetes medications (The only and most updated such reference on the market written in layman terms)
  3. Monitor crucial parameters and find out how to manage cholesterol, blood pressure and other complications
  4. Learn how to make favorable lifestyle choices, how to lose weight permanently, how to build new good habits, how to structure your meals and snacks, balanced food and activity choices and startling weight loss tips
  5. Manage stress and alcohol consumption
And a special bonus section:
Boost your sexual health regardless of age and gender.

Can I help you avoid deadly complications, lose weight, reduce your sugar, blood pressure or cholesterol?

Maybe. Maybe not.

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"Ideas remain ideas, books and CDs collect dust but
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The following bonuses will help you in all aspects of your life
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Bonus Audio Recordings
Answers to most puzzling questions most diabetics, pre-diabetics
and their family members ask, such as:

"Is diabetes curable?", "If my parents have diabetes will I get it?",
"Do I have to take medications for the rest of my life?", "Is starting
insulin means the beginning of the end?", "Can diabetes and it's
complications be avoidable or curable" and much more.

Lifestyle Makeover secrets revealed:
"How can I lose weight permanently without ever dieting again?", "How
can I get the priceless benefit of becoming more physically active
without exercising?", "How can I break away from my current deadly
eating and couch potato habits?", "Is skipping meals a wise weight loss
move or a trap?" and much more.


Hear Pharmacist George being interviewed as an expert guest on famous radio
shows around the US and Canada
Interviewed on the Larry Shannon Show on KMA Broadcasting
Radio, Iowa,

George explains to listeners (and you) how to defeat Diabetes and
Pre-Diabetes. Larry describes how he found out he had diabetes, and
George goes on to discuss misconceptions people have about
it and answers questions about the different types of diabetes.

Hear Gary Doyle of News 570, Ontario, Canada finding out more
about George's new book and diabetes. As a diabetic himself,
Gary was blown away by the valuable information included in this
book, he admitted using his yellow highlighter constantly as he worked
through each of the 5 steps explained.

Listen as Rod Stowell of KWNA Statewide Nevada, discusses with
George his work with Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes - the risk factors and
what can be done to avoid this deadly risk that is already killing
millions each year
... all by making a few smart decisions.

George explains to Kim Iverson about obesity, diabetes and what it
takes to get into the shape that will prevent the onset of diabetes -
losing weight and reducing blood pressure without dieting and
exercise. George even explains why dieting is likely to cause
weight gain!

Describing the the 5 Lifesaving Action Steps to prevent, manage or
reverse diabetes and its deadly complications, on 970 WGTV's show
"Let's Talk" with Dr. Stan Frager.


Lifestyle Makeover for Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics Mini-Guide eBooks
Mini Guide # 1 Includes the re-purposed Action Steps 1,2,3; the same
powerful information but packaged in an easily retrievable and
convenient of use format

Mini-guide # 2 Includes Action Step 4; the re-purposed straight to the
target lifestyle choices with weight loss tips right at your finger tips

Mini-guide # 3 Includes Action Step 5, Alcohol intake and boosting your
sexual health; The re-purposed straight to the target guide


Claim All These Bonuses and Your FREE Softcover Copy
(see the list of all your bonuses above)
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Purchase any of our products risk free with a 100% money back Guarantee. We know that if you follow the simple framework provided to you and take action you will regain control of your health and life and you will get the promised results


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About The Author

George Tohme, pharmacist, graduate of the Univ. Of Pittsburgh, Pa. in 1987 and is currently practicing in Texas. Tohme is certified in Diabetes Management (Univ. of Texas at Austin), Cholesterol Management (American Pharmacists Association), Smoking Cessation (Univ. Of Pittsburgh, Pa), Nutrition Guidance (Cooper Institute) and is a Certified Personal Trainer (ACE). He is also the author of Lifestyle Makeover for All Couch Potatoes, Lifestyle Makeover for All Tobacco Users, Lifestyle Makeover: Defeat High Cholesterol and Blood Pressure, and Lifestyle Makeover: Sex, Stress, and Alcohol.

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