"Defeat Obesity, Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Excess Stress and Smoking Forever in 6 Weeks or Sooner. That's a Promise"


PS: If you purchased the diabetes book or e-book you need NOT purchase the other e-books because it includes the lifestyle choices, cholesterol and blood pressure management, stress management and sexual health sections. If you're a smoker as well then you do need the e-book for smokers. All other e-books cover only the topic indicated on that e-book.

In other words the cholesterol and blood pressure e-book covers the causes, management and treatment of these 2 silent killers. You do need to purchase the e-book for couch potatoes and the one to manage stress and boost sexual health in order to bring all aspects of your condition under control. The e-book for couch potatoes doesn't include stress management and sexual health and so the latter e-book needs to be purchased separately, So on and so forth.

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