Who does Pharmacist George Speak to

Pharmacist George Tohme speaks to executives, staff and students about defeating chronic diseases, obesity and stress that either one or more affect every single family. Motivation and leadership come second to regaining control of our quality of life.

Diabetes, pre-diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, physical inactivity, stress and tobacco addiction affect over 80% to 90% of adults and young in our society and work environments and have been claiming silently hundreds of thousands every year.

These conditions are the main causes of absenteeism, loss of productivity, loyalty and profits in any organization. How can we be effective and motivated leaders and employees when we are entangled with multiple deadly but preventable factors that threaten our existence every day and have been claiming silently hundreds of thousands every year.

Who is more passionate and better equipped to address these vital topics than Pharmacist George who’s a multiple expert and author of five books on these issues and who helped tens of thousands defeat those conditions.
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Rave reviews from meeting planners

Here's what Wal-Mart is saying about the Lifestyle Makeover 6-Week seminar series:

“Pharmacist George Tohme is an execellent and exceptional speaker. His passion in delivering his down to the point, very practical strategies and solutions to defeating obesity, stress and chronic diseases is beyond excellent. During the series of seminars he provided our entire management team and associates, his multiple fields of expertise and engaging style of delivering lifesaving information has drawn our full attention and enabled us to put to action the simple strategies he provided us. Every one’s health improved and I personally lost so far over 46 pounds in just few months by making simple lifestyle choices that he recommended. I absolutely recommend him to any company.”

Martha Padilla, General Manager

Wal-Mart, El Paso, TX

"George Tohme's message is an urgent one today for the health and well-being of our nation. Tomorrow; we could literally save billions of dollars in health care costs by subscribing to his advice. We need passionate experts like pharmacist George to get the word out now before it is too late. He is an eloquent motivational speaker and delivers a call to action message that is so important."
Mary Zennett, MD, MBA
Executive Medical Director and Advisor
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Wings of a Dream Foundation www.wingsofadream.com
Radio Host, Health Matters www.webtalkradio.net
www.nationalallianceforhealthreform.org and www.healthforusall.com

“I have interviewed dozens and dozens of health related experts and pharmacist George Tohme is at the top of the list. He has phenomenal content. One idea he shared during a keynote speech solved a huge challenge I had with my health."

Robert Smith CEO Champion Media Worldwide, Loves Park, IL

(Celebrity clients include Tony Robbins and Joe Vitale among others)

“Great inspiring speech! Your passion and fun style in delivering lifesaving information was infectious and impressed all our attending executives and staff. We are sure to recommend you to our partner corporations.”

Nagi Bekhazi, Director of Global R & D of Automation Design

“SYNOPSYS” Silicone Valley, San Francisco, CA

George is an energetic communicator dedicated to a message that he delivers dynamically and entertainingly. As a pharmacist, his lifestyle change message is scientific, practical, and beneficial to everyone."

Dani Fadda, Ph.D., P.E.
Manager, Technology Development
Peerless Mfg. Co.
Dallas, Texas

“Pharmacist George has an unlimited potential as a speaker, serving his audience with great passion. His moving speech impressed our audience. We’ll call on him again and again.”

Ramsey Kaedbey, Realtor

Keller Williams, Texas

“Your disease defeating strategies were fantastic and simple to apply. Thanks to you our work force is much healthier and more productive. Don’t be surprised if we call on you again.”

Harry Thomas, Chief Wire line Field Engineer

Schlumberger International

(The world’s largest oil and gas exploration company)

Why is George Tohme In-Demand as Keynote Speaker?

Pharmacist George Tohme is an in-demand keynote speaker, health coach and trainer by many of North America's top corporations, professional associations and organizations. He has helped tens of thousands defeat stress, obesity, diabetes, pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure and tobacco addiction. George delivers a life-changing, personalized and memorable message that is full of insightful ideas that can be implemented in every work environment and elsewhere.

During his 22 years of pharmacy practice and direct interaction with people, George Tohme experienced first-hand what communication, leadership and the power to make a difference in people's lives is all about. As a pharmacist, author and expert in multiple disease management and fitness fields (see full credentials and book titles below) his work has been promoted by top professionals.

George’s Own Inspiring Story of Struggle

George’s inspiring personal struggle with obesity for 17 years and his triumph over it against all odds along with his witnessing the suffering of people affected by multiple lifestyle related disease conditions that are deadly but totally preventable and the ensuing mammoth yearly loss of human life caused by these preventable diseases lead to the inception of the Lifestyle Makeover series of books, product suites and speech inspiration.

Pharmacist George’s Mission

His mission is to help people defeat chronic diseases and obesity forever by making simple changes.

Most popular topics Pharmacist George speaks on which can be customized to any work environment:

Seminar # 1

Lifestyle Makeover for the Workplace. Beyond Wellness! (Defeat Chronic Diseases, Stress and Obesity forever with a simple Framework)

  • Learn How to Structure Your Meals and How to Become More Physically Active (even in a small confined office space) and lose weight permanently without ever dieting again!
  • Learn the process of how to build good habits for a lifetime and set flexible goals
  • Learn How to Read Nutrition Labels and the benefits of high Fiber Carbs, Fats and Proteins
  • Meal Makeover When Eating Out (Burger Combo Makeover, Pizza Makeover, Italian restaurant, American Style Buffet, and more)
  • What is diabetes, pre-diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure? Medication management? What crucial parameters to monitor?
  • The Enormous Impact of Stress, Sleep, Alcohol and Sexual Dysfunction on Our Health, Weight and Quality of Life
Seminar # 2

Lifestyle Makeover for college students (Plan for Good Health First Even Before Career Planning)

  • Learn How to lose weight permanently without ever dieting again!
  • Learn the process of how to build good habits for a lifetime
  • Learn How to Read Nutrition Labels
  • Meal Makeovers when Eating Out and In and While on a Shoe String Budget
  • The Enormous Impact of Stress and it’s management
  • The Impact of Sleep on your mental function, your waist line and your Quality of Life
  • Impact of Alcohol on your health and future
  • How not to fall in the traps of tobacco and drug addiction and what to do if already a user
  • Sexual health: Safety and how to avoid STDs and unwanted pregnancies
Topic # 3

Lifestyle Makeover for All Tobacco Users! Stop Smoking Today

  • Action Step 1: Make the Decision to Quit
  • Action Step 2: Effective solutions to Your Physical Craving
  • Action Step 3: Effective solutions to the Psychological and Behavioral Craving of Tobacco Handling:

PS: These seminars can be a keynote speech (60 to 90 min.), a half day or a whole day workshop, or an extended weekend event, and a 6 week Tele-Seminar program. They can be presented in part or as a whole and customized to your company needs.

PPS: A detailed outline is available for each of those seminars upon request.

Fields of Expertise

George F. Tohme, pharmacist, is a graduate of the Univ. of Pittsburgh, PA in 1987 and currently practicing in Texas. He is certified in diabetes (Univ. of Texas at Austin) and cholesterol (APHA) management, smoking cessation (Univ. of Pittsburgh), nutrition guidance (Cooper Institute), and a certified personal trainer (ACE). He is a Lifestyle Makeover expert and conquered his own 17-year battle with obesity.

Book Titles

Lifestyle Makeover for Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics

Lifestyle Makeover for All Couch Potatoes

Lifestyle Makeover for All Tobacco Users

Lifestyle Makeover: Sex, Stress, and Alcohol

Lifestyle Makeover: Defeat High Cholesterol and Blood Pressure,

Travels From: Dallas, Texas

Fees: Varies depending on event

Tel: 214 523 9008

Fax: 214 523 9001

Email: mail@lifestyle-makeover.com

My Personal Guarantee

If your audience is not absolutely wowed by my presentation then you owe me nothing. That’s my personal guarantee to you.

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