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Smoking and Tobacco Use Quiz
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Once you’re a smoker you can never quit if you don’t have a strong will power.
The most important reason for you to stop smoking or using other tobacco products such as cigars, pipes and chewable tobacco is because your doctor and loved ones told you to do so.
Chewable tobacco, cigars and pipes are not as harmful and less addictive than smoking cigarettes.
The only and most important factor in the quitting process is addressing your body’s need for Nicotine.
In order to become tobacco free for life you must have a strong resolve to quit then address your body’s need for nicotine and at the same time address the behavioral and psychological addiction.
A one pack-a-day smoker’s brain is exposed to about 250 thousand tobacco messages year making it difficult to quit.
A one pack-a-day smoker for 20 years could have saved over 250 thousand US Dollars had he or she not been a smoker and invested the same amount of money in high yield mutual funds.
If you’re a heavy smoker then using a maximum strength patch for a couple weeks is enough.
The benefits to your health begin as soon as 20 minutes after your last cigarette or other tobacco forms.
Smoking and tobacco’s numerous deadly health problems such as Lung cancer, heart disease and chronic lung diseases happen much later in life and they are not as bad as previously thought.
After you become tobacco free for a while (months or years) then your body’s tobacco cravings will most likely pull you back to return to tobacco use.

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